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Freemans Springs Caravan Park

Helping people transition from homelessness to hope one step at a time 

The Vision for the Caravan Park upgrade

It is our dream to update the facilities at Freemans Springs Caravan Park. We want to improve the living conditions of those who come to stay here during their time of transition. Our heart is to help as many people transition from homelessness to hope as we can. By upgrading the facilities and doubling the amount of homes that we have to offer we can improve the lives of more people at a faster rate. 

We have a dream to replace the caravans with duplex cabins that will offer better living conditions, including an indoor toilet and shower for our residents. We hope to implement this dream as soon as we can, but we need your help. If you wish to be part of this heart warming project then please donate to our cause, or if you wish to know more about the vision then please contact us.

To donate please follow the donate now link to paypal and enter our email address [email protected]